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Acidosis in Cattle

What is Acidosis?

Rumen Acidosis is a condition found in cattle caused by an imbalance of lactic acid in the rumen (stomach). A healthy cow produces about the same amount of lactic acid as it uses, whereas a cow suffering from acidosis produces and absorbs too much. Acidosis is a widespread problem that often goes unnoticed, affecting a large number of cattle almost daily.

Two Types of Acidosis

There are two types of acidosis: Acute (more oppressive symptoms) and Subacute. Acute acidosis occurs with rapid grain overload and may result in ulcers, severe illness, liver abscess, and even death. Subacute acidosis is usually illustrated by lethargy, diarrhea, panting, excessive salivation, kicking at the belly and signs of discomfort and stress. Subacute can be difficult to narrow down because the primary symptom is reduced feed intake, which can also indicate many other cattle problems.

Potential Causes of Acidosis

Acidosis is controlled mostly by diet and nutrition. Acidosis occurs when cattle consume too many carbohydrates (starches and sugars) and not enough fiber, creating an imbalance in lactic acid. The amount of acidity in the rumen is measured by pH levels. Some causes for low pH levels include switching feed too quickly, too finely chopped forage (dry food), too high concentrate to forage ratios, and mycotoxins, all of which are controlled by the feed rationer.

Because animal feed or ration is at the beginning of the food safety chain in the “farm-to-fork” model, having a reliable and safe source from where you obtain your feed is critical. If you have growth or production loss your feed may be the culprit. Proper evaluation, formulation, preparation, and material selection by the nutritionist are essential. Inaccurate forage to concentrates ratio and improper consistency can lead acidosis and other nutrition disorders. If you think your production losses may have been caused by bad feed contact Domina Law Group.

Our Experience

Domina Law Group has unparalleled experience with agricultural investigations. We have helped many farmers and ranchers recover from production losses caused by bad feed and other acts of negligence. Domina Law Group knows how to find the experts who can determine and pinpoint the cause of production lost. Although contaminated feed is the most common cause of herd infection it is not the easiest to prove. Domina Law Group has years of experience across all types of agricultural cases including bad feed cases and has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Contact us and let us help you begin recovering from your production loss today!

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